"anti-utopias" is a thematic and critical international contemporary art platform founded in 2011. The platform publishes artistic works regardless of the artists’ medium of expression (photography, video, installation art, painting, etc.)


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Hubert Blanz - public tracks Hubert Blanz - public tracks

Hubert Blanz - public tracks, audio/video installation, 225 x 300 cm, Fotogalerie Wien, Vienna, Hubert Blanz, 2010. Images © Hubert Blanz. Used here by kind permission from the artist. All rights reserved.

Video excerpt, stills, and information here.

Over the last few years the importance of virtual social networks has greatly increased and has significantly changed the way we communicate. This is especially true regarding communication via images in the form of photoblogs or photo albums, for example. The majority of profiles are immediately filled up with images from digital cameras or mobile phone cameras and, in the main, document the predilections and activities of the profile owner. Read more here.


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